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W e l c o m e   t o   t h e

C u r r e n t

H e l p   T o p i c s !

The uAchieve Help Topics are the most current Help Topics for uAchieve, consisting of lists of fields contained in uAchieve and their function and application throughout the software. Help Topics also contain definitions and explanations of options (if a drop-down list), or what type of value should be entered.

Still use DARwin?

Legacy Help Topics are still available for DARwin:

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Help Topics for DARwin

Spring 2020: Move From Traditional Grading Schemes to Online

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many institutions are moving to special processing options that require encoding changes. See the list of common scenarios and possible solutions here.

Organization of Help Topics

The Help Topics are organized based upon where they are found within the application:


Student Course


Institutional Reference Table








Requirement Record


Program Definition Record


Sub-Requirement Record


Academic Program Exceptions




Grade Master


Transfer Articulation

The areas above are represented in uAchieve, mostly by the icons at the top of the uAchieve client screen:

Degree Programs (DP)

Requirements (RQ)

Institutional Reference Table (IREF)

Transfer Articulation (TA)

COM (COM), Repeat (RPT), Convert (CVT), String (STR), Exceptions (EXC),Grade Master (GM)

Student Course (C)

The sub-requirement area is displayed when opening up a requirement:


If the icons at the top of your uAchieve screen are much smaller with no text, go to the Utilities menu, select "Customize Toolbars," and check the "Large Buttons" box to improve icon visibility.

(star) Error Message Guide

Correct errors in your uAchieve audit with the Error Message Guide.

Where to Look in Help Topics

Every field in uAchieve has a corresponding field name, which is how the Help Topics are arranged. If you are unsure of something within uAchieve, find the field name and look it up within the Help Topics. To do this, place your cursor in the field for which you'd like more information.

For example, on the following screenshot, the cursor is in the Title field of the Degree Program (DP) area. In the left bottom corner, you'll see the field name (DPTITLE1) and some basic help information.
(click on the thumbnail to expand)

Since you know you are in the sub-requirement screen and you now have the field name (DPTITLE1), you can now go to the requirement section of the Help Topic and find the DPTITLE1 entry to get more information. The following entry is visible in the Help Topics for Degree Programs:

Each entry details the number of characters a field uses and whether it is alphanumeric or numeric. It also shows you a screenshot of where the field is actually located in the uAchieve client and provides information regarding the functionality and possible settings for the field, if they apply.

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