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A course bundle is a collection of transfer courses that any user in Transferology Lab can assemble for the purpose of creating different transfer scenarios for a student. For example, create a bundle for a statewide transfer scenarios, or use them for non-admitted students seeking advising.

The Course Bundles functionality simulates the student's user experience in Transferology by allowing users to locate schools that accept transfer coursework and run student audits. Users have the capability to create multiple bundles, thereby streamlining their workflow.


From the Advising & Recruiting drop-down menu, click the Course Bundles function:

The Course Bundles page appears with up to three tabs representing the Transfer tab path (default), the Replacement path, and (possibly) Empty displayed.

Any previously saved bundles appear as hyperlinks populating the table:

  • Transfer tab: analogous to the Will My Courses Transfer (green path) functionality in the Transferology student application
  • Replacement: analogous to the Find a Replacement Course (blue path) functionality in the Transferology student application
  • Empty: shows created bundles that have no courses


The Empty tab only displays when empty bundles are saved with no courses, otherwise the Empty tab will not be visible.


Transfer/Replacement* Bundle Name

(*column title reflects the tab selection)


  • bundle name hyperlink
  • # of courses bubble
  • shared bundle icon








  • click here to view/edit the bundle

  • click here to go to the bundle's Course List
  • hover over icon to view the sender of the shared bundle
Last Updated

  • date and time stamp (mm/dd/yy hh:mm)




  • date and time of the bundle's last update

  • date and time stamp (mm/dd/yy hh:mm)




  • date and time of the bundle's creation

  • view/edit
  • create copy

  • share bundle
  • view matches
  • run program
  • delete




  • view/edit the bundle and course list
  • clone a course bundle with all coursework from the existing bundle




  • share bundle with other Lab users
  • view matches in Schools Found page
  • generate the list of programs to run program (by default, the last bundle worked with is picked)
  • delete the bundle

Select a bundle of interest from any of the saved bundles listed in the table by clicking it's Transfer Bundle Name hyperlink:

Search for matches, select an institution from the list, and then view the results:

TES Mode

If you have the TES Evaluations role assigned to your account, you may view the Maybe tab and switch to TES Mode. The TES Mode tab allows you to add () courses from your Maybes list to Sent to TES for evaluation:

For more information, see TES Mode.

Create a New Bundle

To create a new bundle, select the appropriate tab:

  • Transfer
  • Replacement

The "+ Create" button is color-coded to the selected tab.

TabCreate Button

Create Transfer Bundle



Create Replacement Bundle



Proceed to a tabbed section to learn more: