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Promote Your School (available to all Lab users since the 1.6.2 release) serves as a branding and marketing resource for Lab users searching for general guidelines regarding Transferology brand use, including the following:

  • Promote your school using referral links and badges
  • Logo assets
  • Guidelines for ads and marketing materials

From the School Profile menu, select the Promote Your School option from the drop-down menu:


Alternately, from School Profile, School Management menu, click How to promote your school link on the Profile Preview tab:

Promote Your School

The Promote Your School tab allows staff to promote their institutions to students in Transferology, using a combination of the Student Referral Link and/or the Student Referral Badge.

  • Student Referral Link

When students click the referral link, they will see your institution at the top of the school matches, regardless of the match percentage. Use the customizable link to direct students to your transfer matches:

  • Student Referral Badge

When students click on the referral badge, they will see your institution at the top of their match results, regardless of percentage. Use the customizable link to direct students to your transfer matches:

Type refers to the type of institution: School or State.

State sets the default selection of filter boxes to the state that the user is logged in from (e.g., on the state transfer page) and also means that the institution the user is logged in from will rise to the top of matching areas, regardless of percentage match.


When the Type is set to State, an All checkbox becomes available below. State referrals default to public schools only; check the All box indicates a preference for including private schools along with public schools.

  • Select from the Referral Preview area what you prefer the student to see to access the Transferology application. When the student clicks within the Referral area on your school's website, they will be directed to Transferology.

Logo Assets

The Logo Assets tab provides downloadable logo files (EPS and PNG formats) to facilitate brand utilization in accordance with CollegeSource rules and guidelines.

Clear Area

When using Transferology logos along with other logos or graphic elements, maintain a clear area equal to "x," where "x" is defined as the height and width of the icon in the Transferology logo:

Notes on Usage

The official, unmodified Transferology logo represents the Transferology product. We strongly recommend against modification or alteration of the logo in any way, including any confusion that may be caused by the following uses:

  • suggesting partnership
  • suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Transferology or CollegeSource
  • any use that confuses Transferology with another brand

The following screenshot exemplifies problematic usage:

Avoid the following:

  • rotating/changing the direction
  • changing the color(s)
  • embellishing the logo with shadows, patterns, or intricate backgrounds
  • overprinting or obstructing the logo
  • using old versions or other marks/logos to represent our brand


Promote your institution's membership in Transferology by following the Guidelines:


  • Use the Transferology logo to advertise your institution's membership in the network
  • Maintain sufficient space around Transferology assets to ensure a clean, uncluttered appearance


  • Display the Transferology logo larger than your own marks
  • Use the Transferology logo to refer to any service or website other than Transferology
  • Use the Transferology brand to imply partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement
  • Combine any part of the Transferology brand with your name, marks, or generic terms
  • Present Transferology in a way to make it more distinctive or prominent feature of what you are creating
  • Use any icons, images, or trademarks to represent Transferology other than what is found in this resource center
  • Modify Transferology brand assets in any way, e.g., by changing the design or color