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Transfer Equivalencies is a robust feature that allows all Lab users to view comprehensive lists of all of the equivalencies that subscribing schools have defined.


From the Advising & Recruiting tab, click the Transfer Equivalencies option:

The Equivalencies page appears:


The screenshot above reflects the user logged in from a subscribing school in the state of Ohio, thus the Ohio filter automatically applied to the results. To clear the filter and return more inclusive list of Source School Names in the table, click the clear filters hyperlink ().

Are you a Transfer Specialist? For information on the functionality of ACourse/IFlg tab, see ACourse/IFlg.


Three areas make up the Transfer Equivalencies page: Transfer To/From, Filtering, and Schools table. Manipulation of the Transfer To/From and Filter areas determine the display in the Schools table below:

Transfer To/From

In setting up a transfer scenario, the Advisor must assign a Transferring To school and a Transferring From school in the respective fields. The Transferring To school is set by default to the same institution that the Advisor or Transfer Specialist is logged in from (in this example, CollegeSource University in Ohio):


The Transferring To school is also called the "target school."

Source Schools

Institutions where course have been evaluated for transfer to your school are listed alphabetically. Changing the Transferring To school away from the default automatically repopulates the Source School Name list (in this example, an institution in California):


The Transferring From school is also called the "source school."

View Transfer Equivalencies

Designating the Transferring From field allows the Advisor or Transfer Specialist to specify which Year/Terms they would like to view equivalencies for by clicking the View button (green magnifying glass ):




Some schools have thousands of transfer articulation tables. Loading course equivalencies may take some time to process and view because of the data load.

The first academic department from your institution with an equivalency with this school is displayed. View equivalencies between the schools in this side-by-side view by selecting any department at either the Transferring From school OR the Transferring To school using the drop-down menu:

  • If your equivalencies are imported from uAchieve, notes and memos can display next to the equivalency
    • IFlags and alternate courses can also have a glossary message:

  • If your equivalencies are imported from TES or an import file, public notes display:

Equivalencies between the schools display as read-only, or Print via the Print button (). Or, Return to Search ().


Transfer Filter

The Transfer page allows filtering by Source School Name and additional options in the drop-down menu:

  • Geographic location (international, state, territory, or district)
  • Military
  • Online


The default display of View Equivalencies on the Transfer tab is set to filter by the state in which your institution resides; All Locations at the top of the list indicates transfer institutions from any state.When selecting a Transferring From school to one in another state, the Filter box automatically changes to that state. Clear this filter using the blue Clear Filters link (); this will also return All Locations.