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  • Transferology User Guide for Advisors
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Welcome to Transferology Lab! The Transferology User Guide for Advisors is written specifically for Advisor functions, including advising students.This User Guide is a brief, function-focused document that was written to guide the user through the application, thereby supplementing the Help and overlay features already built into the Lab.

First, a basic overview of the application is presented, followed by key user functions for Advisors in the remainder of this guide.


Before proceeding some basic higher-level details about navigation, access, and the design of the application can assist you as you work. Click here for the basics!



Upon successful login to Transferology Lab, the School Management page is generated. The menu bar is populated with four options:

  1. Advising & Recruiting menu
  2. Rule Management
  3. School Profile
  4. User menu

These menus contain functionality that is specific to the logged in Advisor, as described in detail below.

Advisor Functionalities

Advisors who are also assigned to the role of TES Evaluator have the additional ability to send Maybe courses from a student's courses in one of the lists.

Advising & Recruiting menu

The Advising & Recruiting menu contains options that include transfer equivalencies, replacement courses, course bundles, programs, and advise students:

  • Transfer Equivalencies
  • Replacement Courses
  • Course Bundles
  • Programs
  • Advise Students *


* Advise Students is specific to Advisors only.

Transfer Equivalencies

Transfer Equivalencies is a robust feature that allows all Lab users to view comprehensive lists of all of the equivalencies that subscribing schools have defined.

  • Transferring To
  • Transferring From

To learn more, see the Transfer Equivalencies page.

Replacement Courses

To learn more, see the Replacement Courses page.

Course Bundles

The Course Bundles functionality simulates the student's user experience in Transferology by allowing users to locate schools that accept transfer coursework and run student audits. Users have the capability to create multiple bundles, thereby streamlining their workflow.

  • Transfer tab
  • Replacement tab
  • Empty tab

To learn more, see the Course Bundles page.


The Programs page allows Lab users to view the program lists for different schools to create What-if audits (where available). Programs may be run for any school with integration connected to its degree audit. Schools can also display a list of programs with descriptions and a link to the school's website for more information.

To learn more, see the Programs page.

Advise Students


Advise Students functionality is restricted to Advisors only.

The Advise Students area of the Lab assists Advisors in managing the guidance process. A list of students who access Transferology and request advising populates the Advising Students list. The Advisor cannot add a student to this list, the student initiates all contact.

To learn more, see the Advise Students page.

School Profile

The Institution menu contains school management options, including previewing the school profile and list of Transferology users.

  • School Management

School Management

School Management contains functionality common across all Lab users (i.e., Profile Preview and Users):

Profile Preview tab

Profile Preview is the default tab displayed within School Management page that displays customized information about your school.


The institution image dimension for the larger banner is 830×270 and the smaller thumbnail is 170×170. Only CollegeSource staff can edit these images, so please contact us if you need assistance.

Users tab

The Users tab lists all of the Transferology users (alphabetically, by email address) located at the user's school by Name, Email, Status, assigned Roles, number of Logins, and Last Login:

To learn more about the Profile Preview tab and Users tab, see the School Management page.

Promote Your School

New in 1.6.2  All logged in Lab users now have access to the branding and marketing area under Promote Your School:

To learn more about branding and marketing, see Promote Your School.