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Welcome to the Advisor Web Course!

This course serves as an introduction to As an advisor, you may use as a tool to help students transfer to or away from your school. This course covers many scenarios that you may encounter with students.

To begin, click on Lesson 1 to the left. Each lesson will open automatically. If you exit a lesson before finishing, re-enter it and continue where you left off.

If you have questions during the course, email Your course moderator will receive an e-mail and will respond as soon as possible.

This web course should take approximately 1-2 hours.

Navigation of this course

To navigate the course click on the each lesson to review.

You may see some toggles to open and close such as these:

You may also see images that you can expand by clicking on them, or videos that you can watch by clicking.

There will also be several scenarios that we will walk through.

Be sure to complete the quizzes and exercises that accompany each lesson.

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