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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are common questions about the community Questions area of the Support Center that are individually addressed.


Questions is a utility within the Support Center that enables the community of CollegeSource software users to ask questions of the community amongst peers and gather meaningful answers. Questions includes useful features such as accepting and voting for answers, adding several versatile features:

  • Accept and vote for answers
  • Add screenshots or code blocks to questions/answers


  • Turn on email notification for specific topics or the entire site


  • Tracking which users provide the most/best answers


Who can use Questions?

The Questions utility is intended only for users of CollegeSource software and is restricted to individuals with a Support Center account. If your institution has one or more CollegeSource products and you do not have access to the Support Center, you may request an account. Use this link instead, if If you have an existing account but , use the link for forgot your username or password.

Why Questions?

Statistics say insist that most of the information we exchange (at least 65%) is "trapped" inside of emails, IMs, and side conversations. Openly sharing knowledge within a focused community can save everyone the time and headache of being asked, or answering, the same questions over and over again. Now there is a way to pull that information out into the open so others can benefit. Questions is the answer!


Does Questions replace OWL?

No, community Questions does not replace OWL. Issues submitted through OWL will continue to get a timely response from CollegeSource staff. Questions asked in Questions are posed in an open (not confidential) community discussion and may or may not receive a response from CollegeSource staff. For that matter, there may be no response from the community and/or no response may be timely, but we hope that the usefulness of the tool and the networking potential will draw a number of invested users into the space to help each other out. While CollegeSource staff will monitor Questions, we are not committed to answering questions there. Users needing answers directly from the CollegeSource staff should submit their question to the OWL instead of (or in addition to) Questions. Simply put, the OWL guarantees a timely answer from CollegeSource staff; Questions (hopefully) produces answers from the community. And community answers will typically be broader and more experience-based ,in the aggregate, than staff answers.


Once a user has created a question, it is 's given a default status and will appear on the main page, but probably not at the top. Subsequent activity , in the form of answers, comments, and votes will drive it up the page or (if there is a or–with lack of activity) down the activity–down the page. The same is true of the answers given by users under each question; the answers will move up or down according to votes from visitors who find them useful or not. This means the most active and community-approved questions and answers will always be nearer to the top of a page.

Why isn't my new response to an older post showing up under the "Recent" heading at the top of the page?

The "Recent" and "Popular" headings at the top of the page in Questions reference the creation of a post, not the activity of it. For example, an old post from 2017 that's recently commented on will now appear under the "Popular" heading, not "Recent."

How do I watch or stop watching Questions?