The Connector depends on the DARS daemon and server to provide degree audits.

Three database connections are required to successfully produce degree audits through the Connector via DARwin, as indicated below:

  1. DARS server (i.e., Cobol program)
  2. DARS daemon (i.e., Java program)
  3. Connector

Keep the following points in mind to minimize degree audit troubleshooting when installing the Connector:

  • The Connector must interact with the same JOB_QUEUE_xxx tables as the DARS daemon and server.
  • Degree audits for Transferology do not use the STU_xxx tables. Therefore, those tables do not need to be accessible by the DARS server, daemon, and Connector.

The database user for the DARS daemon (Java program) must have the following permissions:

The database user for the DARS Server (Cobol program) must have the following permissions:

Isolating the Connector from your Existing DARwin Audit Data

Some schools want to prevent the Connector from accessing the audit data contained in the JOB_QUEUE_xxx tables used by their existing DARS server. This is accomplished in the following tasks:

SeeĀ OWL-14766 for the Oracle scripts.