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The Transferology Connector must access several DARS (or uAchieve) tables to provide the course equivalency and degree audit functionality.

Accessing Database Tables

Handy Hint

The sql statements executed by the Transferology Connector do not prepend a database, user, or schema prefix to the table name. An example of a select statement executed by the Connector looks like the following:

select jobid from job_queue_list

When the Connector's database user (identified in the connection URL or data source definition) is different than the database user that actually owns the DARS tables, you must ensure the Transferology Connector has the correct visibility and permission to properly access the DARS/uAchieve tables.

Table Visibility

Depending on your database, you may need to use synonyms, views, or aliases to the DARS/uAchieve tables.

Table Permission

You may need to grant permissions/privileges specifically to the database user specified in the Connector's connection URL or data source definition.

Required Tables for the Connector's Database User

Your DBA should use one of the following pages to understand the required tables and permissions for the Connector's database user:

Degree Audits Through the Connector

Your DBA should review one of the following pages to understand the relationship between the Connector and your degree audit environment: