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Home page for the PeopleSoft - Transfer Rule extractor, aka PS T-Rex.

Architecture of the PeopleSoft Transfer Rule Extractor

What is PeopleSoft T-Rex?

PeopleSoft T-Rex is a java client program that you will install on a server of your choice. PS T-Rex is NOT installed into PeopleSoft.

It queries several PeopleSoft transfer rule database tables and sends the data to Transferology via Transferology web services.

Once the data has been received by Transferology, it is transformed into Transferology's transfer rule representation and loaded into Transferology later that night.

PeopleSoft schools are able to load their transfer rules into Transferology once a week and no longer need to use the EQ flat file import process.

It is provided for download in zip and tar.gz file formats which contain the following:

  • java libraries
  • A Linux shell script and Windows batch file to call the java program
  • file for school specific configuration
  • Installation instructions

Download, Install, and Configure

Download, Install, and Configure

To download PS T-Rex, you must log in with a CollegeSource support center account.

If you don't have a CollegeSource support center account, please use the following link to request one:

Download the T-Rex Client:

PeopleSoft Extractor Downloads

T-Rex Client Installation and Configuration:

PeopleSoft Extractor Install and Configure

T-Rex SELECT SQL Statements:

You can view the Select SQL Statements run by the T-Rex client here: PeopleSoft T-Rex SQL

Installation Process Required Roles:

This process doesn’t take very long if we get the right people involved.

Typically, we will need the involvement of 4 roles:

  1. An IT person who can install, execute, and schedule the T-Rex Client on a Linux or Windows machine.
  2. A Security person to create a Firewall rule to allow outgoing data from the T-Rex Client to our Receiver.
  3. A DBA to create the T-Rex database user and grant SELECT access on the 21 tables required.
  4. An Equivalency specialist to confirm the source schools and equivalencies within Transferology after your equivalencies are loaded.

Upgrade T-Rex Client

Upgrade T-Rex Client

Upgrading the T-Rex Client is straightforward - it is almost always contained in the lib folder. Occasionally, changes will occur in other folders.

Instruction for upgrading are here:

T-Rex Client Upgrade

Java - Supported Versions

Supported Java

The Transfer Rule Extractor is compiled in Java 8. It is able to run in Java 8 and 11 environments.
This has been tested in the following Java environments:

  1. Corretto java-8.322.06.2-amzn
  2. Corretto java-11.0.16-amzn
  3. OpenJDK java-11.0.2-open

I have provided a Java 11 compiled version of the Transfer Rule Extractor on the downloads page for anyone who would like to use that version.
It is only compatible with Java 11 and tested in the following environments:

  1. Corretto java-11.0.16-amzn
  2. OpenJDK java-11.0.2-open


The T-Rex client is run through a Veracode static security scan to look for any vulnerabilities in its code or referenced code in third-party libraries.

T-Rex client versions >= have a score of 100%.

The PDF report can be viewed here:


Sending Courses

Currently, T-Rex uses the sending course (department abbreviation and course code) specified in the transfer rule as is without performing any conversion or translation.

PeopleSoft Table Access

PeopleSoft Table Access

T-Rex requires SELECT privilege on the following PeopleSoft tables:

PS_EXT_ORG_TBL_ADM (If PeopleSoft Version 9)
PS_EXT_ORG_PRI_VW (If PeopleSoft Version 9)

T-Rex requires SELECT privilege on the following PeopleSoft tables to load the Standardized Exam Rules (loaded by default):

An older version of T-Rex used the following for loading Standardized Exams, but they are no longer used:

If necessary, please create database synonyms when the T-Rex database user isn’t the owning schema of the PS database tables.

Assumptions about PeopleSoft Transfer Rules

When creating Transferology Transfer Rules from PeopleSoft Transfer Rules, these assumptions are made.

A "Does Not Transfer" Course is created as the Target (Internal Equivalent) Course when:

  1. The Transfer Component Transfer Course Flag is not Checked (PS_TRNSFR_COMP.TRNSFR_CRSE_FL = 'N'). 
  2. No PS_TRNSFR_TO (Internal Equivalent) Record exists in PeopleSoft for the Rule being processed.
    1. When the Transfer Course Flag is not checked, no Internal Equivalents can be created, but this is to handle bad data.

A PeopleSoft Transfer Rule is not created in Transferology, when:

  1. The Transfer Component Transfer Course Flag is Checked, PS_TRNSFR_TO (Internal Equivalent) Records exist, but the Course ID on the Internal Equivalent is blank (PS_TRNSFR_TO.CRSE_ID)
  2. The PS_TRNSFR_TO (Internal Equivalent) Record does not reference a valid PS_CRSE_OFFER Record, based on CRSE_OFFER_NBR and CRSE_ID: